While planning a wedding and speaking with tons of vendors usually all of the information goes over our heads. When asked if there are any question usually we'll say " no not at this moment" and we go on our way. Here are some FAQ's that are asked by our brides.


Photography/Film Questions

1. Coverage + Travel

In every package we have our travel radius that is already included which is a 250 mile radius. Now if it's out of that radius there is expenses but we will work that out.


2. Do you have extra help? And if so is that included in the package or is that extra?

We are a crew of 4 and will sometimes have one extra person or two. We are a growing company and with that comes extra set of hands lol. We will usually have two photographers and two-three film makers. That is not an extra charge.


3. Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes! Tina our photographer is A M A Z I N G at what she does. Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time, without batching in bulk group or mass-producing the results. 


4. Where do you live and how far will you travel?

We are based out of Corpus Christi, and yes we do travel. The rest of the answer you can view in #1...... now you're laughing cause you realized "oh yea, i just read that".


5. Do you have past clients we can speak to as references?

We can absolutely understand why you'd ask this. We definitely can provide any references and would welcome the question. 


6. We want to take pictures elsewhere on our wedding day besides our venue/location. Is that possible and would we need a permit depending on where we go?

Yes but it depends on sunlight hours, ceremony ending time, and distance.



7. How many pictures will we receive?

Tina will take an unlimited amount of photos and will edit every single photo! Like I said before she is amazing... She's a boss when it comes to what she does! Numbers do not exist with Tina.


8. Do we get the copyright of the images?

Copyright is something that we get asked about often. Many photographers include a "copyright release" in their contracts, which generally just means the same as a release to have your images printed by yourself, or any lab you choose. That is not the same as obtaining copyright! Copyright means that I am the creator of the images, and I "own" the copyright. Selling or obtaining "the copyright" is not possible, but you will retain the usage right and you will  have the ability to print and share your images as much as you'd like.


9. Do you need to attend our rehearsal?

Rehearsal dinner is in the Goddess package but it's a choice between the Rehearsal or Bridal session.


10. What if we want to order extra prints? How does that work?

Your images are delivered via a link with your own account online image gallery. This is also a cart/ordering system for prints. You can order extra prints directly through your online gallery.


11. What is the "online gallery" you mention in your packages?

The online gallery is a private account link that we send you where all of your wedding photographs will be placed online for you to view. 


12. Do you offer engagement sessions? Was that included in my package?

We do offer engagement sessions, they are only included in our two popular packages. The Goddess and Queen package. We can add it at extra cost.


13. Can we provide you with a "shot list" or "must take pictures"?

Don't worry about reminding your photo and film pros to shoot the classic scenes- we'll definitely capture the cake cutting and your first dance. What you should give a heads up about, however, is key people to shoot (your grandparents, the ring bearer) and any traditions or unique details you're including on your day. We need this list minimum of seven days before your event!!


14. If I cancel my wedding, is the retainer refundable?

The retainer is non-refundable and is also on your contract. The retainer guarantees that we'll hold the date exclusively for you and once you've signed the contract we do turn down all other commissions for that date.


15. Is there a payment option?

Yes, either we discussed it at the wedding fair or a private consultation the payments are divided up from the remaining balance after paying the retainer until 30 days before your wedding. But please let us know if something comes up.


16. Can we add extra hours to the day of?

Yes, you can. There is a charge of $199 an hr.


17. Do we need to include you for dinner?

It would be greatly appreciated if you did! 


18. What if some family "photographers" want to use their own cameras, is that okay?

They can definitely bring their own cameras and take pictures. But we strongly advise that you make it know to your family that you hired professionals and to please be respectful during the ceremony not to be in front of the Film crew and photographer with their own cameras or bodies standing in front of you while walking down the aisle or something like that lol it can ruin the shot and film. Now during reception like the first dances, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss speeches, they are more than welcome to take pictures but from behind so that again we can get the best shot for you because.. well that's what you hired us for lol. Group shots, same thing because we do need all eyes facing the camera.


19. I got an email about a "Love Story". It wasn't in my package? Can I add that to my package?

Yes, you definitely can add the Love Story to your package. There is a cost but just let us know and we can discuss that option for you.


20. What is the turnaround date for my bridal/engagement sessions?

The turnaround date is usually anywhere between 30-60 days.


21. Is the turnaround date for the bridal/engagements the same for our wedding pictures and film?

 We do not give an ETA of when you will receive your photos and film but you will get updates and statuses of our progress.


22. Do we receive negatives?

Raws/negatives do not showcase our work to the best it could be. Editing is a part of our process, it only makes sense that our edits are required to create an image that's truly indicative of our style.