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11_05_16 Christina Ruiz Wedding Getting Ready-5311_04_16 Karina and Joey Wedding Reception-61-211_04_16 Karina and Joey Wedding Getting Ready-6511_05_16 Christina Ruiz Wedding Getting Ready-17110_22_16 Candice & Anthony Wedding Getting Ready-14711_02_16 Candice and Anthony reception-89411_14_16 Kayla & Vincent Engagement-27706_12_16 Brianna Harris Engagements -151-Edit11_04_16 Karina and Joey Wedding Reception-65-211_04_16 Karina and Joey Wedding Reception-91-212_19_16 Jessyca + Mark Engagement-10311_04_16 Karina and Joey Wedding Reception-76-211_05_16 Christina Ruiz Wedding Getting Ready-14006_12_16 Brianna Harris Engagements -187-Edit8_20_16 Gaby & Jeff Wright-782-Edit8_20_16 Gaby & Jeff Wright Reception-29-2-Edit10_04_16 Christina Ruiz Boudoir-Bridal-42704_17_16 Brianna Bridals Cam2-130-Edit04_17_16 Brianna Bridals-86-Edit10_04_16 Christina Ruiz Boudoir-Bridal-468